Welcome to LIGHT 'N' DEEP! We are manufacturers of metal detector search coils.


LIGHT ’N’ DEEP is a family company who is born as a result of experience and expertise of over 20 years in the world of metal detectors. During these years we are repeatedly confronted by the doubt about which is the best search coil. Frequently we search a specific search coil to detection in a particular place (field, beach, river… etc) but we only found generalists search coils. Some larger (between diameters of 22 to 40 cm), other smallers (10 to 17 cm) and often very heavy. That's why we start to manufacture our search coils always finding the perfect size for searching.


It's well known that a light search coil allows more searching time without suffer muscle injuries. So, it's very importat to choose the ideal size of search coil. Lots of metal detectors' manufacturers sells their detectors with one or two standard search coils. They cover a large range of searching types but, sometimes, not allow to extract the best potencial of the detector in hard situations.

In 2015 we start to made professional search coils. The first model "Dart"and the second model "ARROW 12"x13""in 2017 this DD searchs coils for Minelab FBS technology, Garrett (ACE Series) and XP metal detectors (Gold max, ADX150, Adventis2 and Gmaxx.). 


Our motto is "light and deep", always respecting our compromise of to reach the best size to the perfect searching type.

Serach coil model Dart White 8" (20 cm)
Serach coil model Arrow Black 12"x13" (30x34 cm)


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